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What is a cookie? What is it's use?

A cookie is a file that stores the informations concerning your navigation on the website. In any case, a cookie can not allow the website who has installed it to obtain private informations stores on your hard drive or any other personnal information. It simply allows the website to recognize you when you come back to visit it and allows us to facilitate your navigation.

How to accept, configure or refuse a cookie?

You can configure your browser so that the cookies can be stored or rejected from your computer and make other configurations.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Select the menu « Tools » then « Internet Options »
  • Clck on the tab « Confidentiality »
  • Select the desired level with your mouse

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Select the menu « Tools » > « Options »
  • Click on the option « Privacy »
  • Submenu « Cookies »

For Chrome:

  • Select the menu « Edition » > « Preferences »
  • Click on the option « Personnal data »
  • Submenu « Cookies »

For Safari:

  • Select the menu « Edition » > « Preferences »
  • Click on the option « Personnal data »
  • Submenu « Cookies »

Consequences of your choice regarding cookies

Any configuration that you will make can have consequences on your web navigation and restrict access to some services, for example: the display of social networks messages, the memorization of your login information, ... It is important that you know that if you decide to refuse or delete the cookies on your browsers or mobile terminals, it will not prevent the display of advertizing on the websites that you will visit. The only difference is that the ads won't be adapted to your points of interest.

Cookies sent on this website

When you access this website, we can install different cookies on your computer to allow us to recognize the browser you are using during the validity time of the concerned cookie (maximum 13 months). These cookies allow us to:

  • Establish statistics and attendance volumes, as well as measures of the use of the different elements composing this website (menus, most visited content, course), allowing us to improve interest and ergonomics ;
  • Adapt the presentation of the website according to the preferences of your terminal (language, screen resolution, operating system,...) and according to the hardware and softwares that your terminal uses to display the website ;

« Social networks » cookies

Pages and articles on the website may contain a third party application allowing to share the content on social networks, such as the "Retweet" buttons for example for the Twitter application. We do not have any control on the process used by the concerned social networks (Twitter, Youtube) to collect these informations and we invite you to read their privacy policies.

Third party cookies

The advertizing content (graphics, animations, videos,...) that can be eventually displayed on the videos of the website may contain third party cookies. The sending and use of cookies by those third parties are ruled by the privacy policies of those third parties. Those cookies allow them to, during the validity period of the cookies: count the number of displays of advertizing content broadcasted via the advertizing spaces of the website, identify the ads displayed, the number of visitors who clicked on each ad, allowing them to calculate the income due and establish statistics; to recognize your terminal when you visit another website or service on which those third parties also send cookies, and if it's the case, to adapt these websites and third party services or the ads that they broadcast to the navigation of your terminal which they can be aware of.

If you share your terminal with other people

The sharing with other people of the use of your terminal and of the configuration of your browser's parameters concerning cookies are your responsability.